Photobooth for weddings

We all want to make a spectacular wedding, and sometimes we make life difficult by searching and searching different things that sometimes turn out and sometimes not. In the end it’s about people having fun, and few extras like a photocall or photocall for weddings get people to have fun and take a great memory, as well as a memory forever in the form of a photo.

The photobooth is nothing more than the evolution of the traditional photocall, in which along with a nice background or fun with a study light have added some disguises. Some photobooth leverage the social media such as this one.

We all like to disguise ourselves, and if it is during the party, when the guests already have a drink, or two, everyone wants to try it. And from experience in the weddings in which I am able to assure you that everyone, from children to grandparents queue to try on a wig or put on a false beard.

The accoutrements and costumes vary from time to time, and even in many weddings the couple have brought some of their own to give a more personal touch. I remember the wedding in which I brought faces from the Stars Wars films, since Luis is a fan of the films:

Large picture frames are also very useful. Not to mention the chalkboards, where the guests can leave their messages, and here also comes into play the imagination of everyone. I have been to weddings where even a competition was organized to see who wrote the most original message – or gross, according to the time … -.

Or the corner of kissing, with photo included! No need to put props, placing a couple of balloons with hearts, some banners or just nothing, couples can go through the photobooth to give themselves the most romantic kiss and be punctuated by other guests.

You will not tell me that it is not an original and fun idea, and perfect for a wedding where love must be present in all its facets.

Best of all for the bride and groom is when they receive the photos and is surprised to see their grandparents doing the crazy and discover hidden facets that only appear at dawn.